Latest Info on CCA conversion to Career

Everyone I speak to want this conversion from CCA to Regular Career City Carrier to happen. The CCAs’, Regulars, every Union Representative, Supervisors, Managers, POOMs’, even the Hawkeye District Manager want this conversion to start happening. So, what’s the delay?

Hello, Politics!

Off in the National Capitol, Washington, D.C., the very top-tier of Postal Management

are still crying for 5 day delivery and have found plenty of Union hating, Privatization loving politicians to support them. They are determined to cancel out 6 day delivery. The NALC, the other Postal Unions, and our friendly politicians have managed to stave off this plan to downsize the United States Postal Service. It’s been a hell of a fight and it’s not over. 6 day delivery is only safe until the next fiscal battle. September, 2013! So USPS Management is dragging their feet converting CCAs because of their scheme to eliminate a day of service. If they win that’s 24,000 regular positions they don’t have to fill.

Ignore politics at your and your families peril. Remember, ignore is the root of ignorant.

     Here is what the Union is doing besides leading the political dogfight.

Grievances are being filed locally and across the country. If you are a CCA in one of Waterloo’s associate offices please contact Tony Gesell or myself so we can apprise your situation and get the proper grievances filed appropriately. The grievances are being held until a dispute is settled Nationally. The following is a message that our National Business Agent Danny Pittman just recently sent out.

I’d like to draw our focus to our CCA’s, how to protect their rights, push for their           eventual conversion to Full-Time Career Status and the Postal Service’s attempt to slow the process down—their recently announced Interpretive Dispute.

The Das Award created the City Carrier Assistant position and established a pathway to attain career status for all our CCA brothers and sisters.  That pathway, in essence, is laid out like this; if an Installation has residual positions, if there are not PTF’s or Unassigned Regulars, and there is not a valid Article 12 Withholding event—the CCA converts to Full-Time Career status and is assigned the residual position. This seems pretty clear, doesn’t it? It sure does to us anyway. To that end this Regional office created a “Grievance Starter” to help move the process along when local management didn’t convert the CCA.  The Grievance Starter started off with a bang and we had a number of grievances filed to convert the CCA’s. I guess we did too good of a job.

On June 6th, the Postal Service, at the Headquarters Level, drafted a letter to NALC stating it believes the CCA conversion grievance filed in Ames, Iowa raised an interpretive issue. The Postal Service proposes that, with the current number of Full-Time Regular carriers on the rolls, it has met its obligation under Article 7.3.A and consequently is not obligated to convert CCA’s to Full-Time Career status. Under the provisions of the National Agreement, when either party believes there is an “Interpretive” dispute on an issue, the two sides must meet within 60 days to discuss and determine if it is indeed an interpretive dispute and if so it is scheduled for National Level arbitration.  NALC believes it is not an interpretive dispute, within the meaning of Article 15, and believes Article 7.3.C requires the Postal Service to, staff at least one full-time regular city letter carrier per one full-time regular letter carrier route…including Carrier Technician positions. In other words, fill all the vacant residual routes with Full-Time City Carriers first and then consider the 1.18 ratio. This would mean every single vacant route should be filled which would require converting CCA’s to career status because there aren’t enough career letter carriers to fill all the vacant routes.

In the meantime, while the NALC and Post Office sort this out in Washington, we need to file good grievances arguing our CCA’s should be converted and assigned to those vacant full-time positions. The B-Teams will place each of these grievances on “hold” pending the outcome of the National dispute. The reason it is so important to protect our CCA’s rights by filing these grievances is that when the Interpretive dispute is resolved all the grievances which are being will be settled  in the same manner as the Interpretive case is resolved. Since the NALC is convinced our position is correct we are also confident every CCA who should have been converted will be converted with the resolution of this dispute. This office is supplying the National Grievance Starter to help branches prepare the best grievances possible to convert our CCA’s. If you want a copy, call this office and we will make it available.

Now, we know there are times when Interpretive cases take a number of years to resolve—we understand that. However, the officers and staff at NALC Headquarters have been working diligently to clear the backlog of National Level cases and we don’t think it will take nearly as long to have a resolution on the CCA conversion case. Additionally, we suspect, the Postal Service is stalling with this Interpretive issue, to buy time to see if Congress will maintain Six-Day Delivery. For every CCA this should especially be a wakeup call to call or write your Congressional Representative to get them on board to maintain Six-Day Delivery. We should all be supporting S.316 and HR 630—The Postal Service Protection Act¬—to protect our jobs and protect Six-Day Delivery so our CCA’s can convert to Career Status.

Remember, our CCA’s are our future and their future depends on what rights we can protect for them now.

Dan Pittman
National Business Agent
NALC Region 5 (St. Louis)
2029 Woodland Parkway Suite 101
St. Louis, MO 63146-4267″


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